Each piece is very valuable, the souls of those who produce, live in them.

About Us

TULLAA was founded in December 2011 by Tülay Arslan. Tülay Arslan, was always interested in hand-crafted products. She kept herself busy with all kinds of hand-made projects through out her life, hoping one day to turn it into something …

Project TULLAA started with the housewives that crossed her path.

The essence of TULLAA lies beneath every product.

“ We believe that each bag has a spirit ” she says.

After completing her undergraduate degree in Advertising & Marketing at New York Institute of Technology in September 2012, Beliz Firtina (daughter of Tulay Arslan) steps in , in order to push the Project TULLAA towards a corporate formation.

In 2013 TULLAA officially started selling handmade bags all around TURKEY with some additional shops around the World.

The idea of TULLAA lies in the nature of the women that are behind this Project. Turkish women who are mothers , aunts & grandmothers who have devoted their lives to create something for their households, families & friends brought TULLAA together.

Sensitive hands, passionate idea, excellent craftsmanship is the result of a TULLAA BAG.

That’s why we named this Project TULLAA “flowing water” from Indian language.

TULLAA handbags are available in different color options and each one is custom made; it is an alternative to warm and sincere women who are tired of mass-produced products and are looking for someting unique.

TULLAA ‘s purpose is to produce bags suitable for daily use by blending different materials and colors.

Today TULLAA continues to produce it’s unique bags with the number of 65 beautiful ladies.